Attention to the shrimp-iest detail…

I recently visited Pacific Seafood’s Westport Shrimp processing plant.  I took along several members of the media so that we could all see firsthand how this resource was being handled.  Few, if any, restaurants in Puget Sound, make this trip.  I do it because I want to understand the resource, make sure it is sustainable, make sure it is being handled properly and last, but not least, make sure the flavor is outstanding.  Impressive is all I can say.  The sustainability was obvious to us all.  The by-catch is almost nil.  The processing is so quick and temperature is so low as to produce an excellent tasting product.  At dinner, we sampled Bay Shrimp that was processed that afternoon.  Just an incredible taste.  Check out this video.

Duke Looking at a shrimp net 'Fish Extruder'

Duke Inspecting a Shrimp Net’s ‘Fish Extruder’

June 8, 2012