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Tasty Mexican Prawns from Responsible Fishermen

Pacific prawns

by Duke Moscrip Handled With Care At Duke’s, exceptional quality is our top priority. If food is headed to our kitchens, you can bet that I have invested a lot of time and energy into sourcing it. I search long and hard to ensure I am providing my customers with the best-tasting and most sustainable…

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DukeWorthy Defined 

Everything on the menu has passed the “DukeWorthy” test, a word coined by a boat captain friend of mine many years ago on a fishing trip. He caught a Halibut that was too small, tossed it back and said, “that’s not DukeWorthy.” It stuck, and it helps define everything we do. If you eat at…

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Where have all the Salmon Gone? Smart Catch Knows.

That wild salmon populations are disappearing can no longer be ignored. It’s my passion to save salmon for future generations, not just so we can serve it to our guests at Duke’s, but because it is the treasure of the Pacific Northwest. This post is not going to preach to you or spew out fact…

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Lopez Island Creamery Makes Dessert a Necessity

Here’s a challenge: try to find ice cream that isn’t loaded with high fructose corn syrup. Trust me, you’ll have little to no luck at the supermarket. I searched high and low for ice cream that I could serve with a clear conscience. That search led me to local ice cream maker Alex Thieman, owner…

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Happy Chickens; How They Are Raised Matters

Free range and cage-free are terms tossed around wildly in the chicken world. Why does it matter?  Chickens raised in a cage-free environment and served only a natural diet grow bigger, are nutritionally richer, taste better, and, frankly, are raised more humanely. That matters to us. Harvestland/Perdue, our only chicken supplier, shares these values. They…

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Get Fresh with your Fish

Fresh fish is revered by fishmongers, grocery stores, and restaurants worldwide, but how do you really know it is “fresh?” Studies show that the fish they serve could be three weeks old, and here’s the kicker: the restaurant may not even know it! A fish that isn’t cleaned and frozen within hours of being caught…

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Essential is, well, Essential at Duke’s

Relationships matter and for the past 10+ years, Essential Baking Company has baked our luscious sourdough bread. Guests have told me they drive across town just for a slice of oven-warmed sourdough . . . it’s that delectable. Don’t try to duplicate it with another sourdough; this recipe is exclusively Duke’s. I fell in love…

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“DukeWorthy” – Fishing with the Pros

Fresh fish is my passion and the reason I started Duke’s 40+ years ago. Knowing the source of what we serve is critical, which is why I fish with the fishermen . . . regularly. These men and women are pros. Don’t ever underestimate the amazing work they do every day to bring us the…

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Crabbing Around Westport

Duke with crab at Westport

If you’ve ever been to Westport, Washington, then you’ve seen the giant crab pots stacked sky-high and the trawlers parked at the marina. Our team of chefs and I arrived to tour the processing plant for Pacific Seafood, our only crab supplier. Watching the unloading of thousands of crabs blew me away! Filling the floor…

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Disappearance of wild salmon hurts local economy

Chinook Salmon

By Duke’s Seafood & Chowder Salmon and the Pacific Northwest used to go hand in hand, right? Not anymore. Back in the early 1900s, hundreds of thousands of naturally spawning salmon and steelhead could be found in Puget Sound each year. Today there are only tens of thousands. This is an alarming change, for our…

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