Duke and His Team Care Deeply About What They Are Serving Their Customers

Note from Alex at Lopez Island Creamery: Before we started working with Duke’s Chowder House, I gave one of their restaurants a call to see if they would be interested in working with a small, local ice cream producer. To my surprise I got a call back from Bill Ranniger, their executive chef within hours requesting samples. About a week later Duke, Bill and their whole executive team showed up at our factory for a tour and to talk ice cream. They wanted to know how our ice cream was made, where we were sourcing our ingredients and exactly what was in each flavor, and we were very proud to tell them. Duke and his team care deeply about what they are serving their customers and we are very proud to be a part of their menu.

Note from Duke: We love working with Alex and his ice cream team at Lopez Island Creamery.  They can turn on a dime and produce anything we want whenever we want.  They are in tune with us with all natural ingredients and their service is superb.


About Lopez Island Creamery Company:

Lopez Island Creamery was started over twenty years ago on the little island of Lopez found in Washington’s San Juan Islands. The company started off very small, producing gourmet ice cream in a kitchen that was about the size of a small bedroom. Flavors were developed and shared with locals on the island in exchange for their feedback. Once the flavors were perfected, Lopez Island Creamery ice cream started showing up in local stores, restaurants, and events in and around the San Juan Islands.

As   reputation for making delicious, high quality ice cream grew, so did our business. By 2008, distribution had expanded throughout the San Juan Islands and Skagit County and quickly became known as some of the best ice cream in the Seattle area. By 2012, distribution had expanded from Bellingham to Tacoma. Our ice cream is now sold in Washington, Alaska and Oregon. Throughout our growth, we have continued to produce a super-premium ice cream using the same small batch method and high quality ingredients that we did when the business first opened. A commitment to producing a locally sourced, all natural, handmade ice cream is still our highest priority.

Washington’s Lopez Island is locally famous for its longstanding custom of waving at every motorist, bicyclist, and pedestrian encountered on Lopez Island, coining the phrase “the friendly island.” Lopez Island Creamery is inspired by the rich quality of life that is experienced on the island, and we still keep that same mentality from where it all began.

September 30, 2016
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