Duke Interviewed on KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen by Famous “Chef in the Hat Thierry Rautureau

Duke interviewed on KIRO Radio’s Seattle Kitchen by famous “Chef in the Hat” Thierry Rautureau, Rachel Belle and Tina Nole. Check it out!


“Penn Cove Mussels, Garbanzo Beans, and Tips for Making Delicious Chicken
Originally aired: Saturday, March 5, 2016

Category: Entertainment

Duke Moscrip “THE DUKE” – from Dukes Chowder house will be in studio, a tasting panel takes on canned garbanzo beans, Tina went to Whidbey Island and took a trip out on the water with the owner of Penn Cove Mussels, Rachel talked soup with the Soup Nazi from Seinfeld fame plus our Tasty Trivia Food Challenge!”

March 6, 2016
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