Dukes and Heinz: Both Representing Tradition and Commitment in Providing the Best To Our Customers.

Did you know that ketchup wasn’t the first product by Heinz?  Henry J Heinz, an entrepreneur and marketing pioneer started out selling vegetables at the young age of 8 then at 15 used his mother’s recipe to make and sell horseradish.  It wasn’t until 1876 that the savory tangy Heinz ketchup that America has come to love was launched.  Honest and pure products was what Henry Heinz was making and he wanted everyone to see that, so he used clear glass bottles with the keystone label as the company was founded in Pennsylvania, the keystone state.  From seed, to vine, to bottle, Heinz ensures quality every step of the way by sending out over 6 billion seeds each year to farmers who grow tomatoes specifically for Heinz.

When the “57 Varieties” slogan was invented, there were really more than 60 varieties, but Henry Heinz saw a billboard in New York advertising “21 styles of shoes” and he was inspired by the use of numbers.  He liked the way 57 sounded, so that’s what he used. There’s also something else about the 57.  If anticipation for that tomatoey goodness is too much for you, tap the sweet spot –57—on the neck of the bottle to release the ketchup faster.   Now you’re part of the 11% who know this.  Yes, Henry J Heinz believed, “To do a common thing uncommonly well brings success”, and he’s been sharing that success with the world and you.

Duke’s Chowder House and Heinz: both representing tradition and commitment in providing the best to our customers. We go together like fish and chips!

September 13, 2016
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