Duke’s Chowder House and Long Live the Kings

As Seen in: Seattle Market Digest| Marketing News| Glossary – September 2016 Vol. 2

Case Study: Duke’s Chowder House and Long Live the Kings

When Duke’s Chowder House selected Long Live The Kings, an organization dedicated to the restoration of salmon and steelhead to the Salish Sea, including the Pacific Northwest, to benefit from the sale of their new cookbook, neither Duke Moscrip nor Executive Director Jacques White knew that a much stronger tie would be set into motion.

Not long after Duke’s new cookbook, “As Wild As It Gets . . . Duke’s Sustainable Seafood Recipes,” was out, Long Live The Kings (LLTK) approached Duke about speaking at their annual Spring fundraiser. Duke’s participation included Duke becoming the keynote speaker, donating a dinner package for the live auction, serving his award-winning clam chowder and making this year’s ask to donors who contributed a record amount. As things go, one thing led to another and a stronger relationship was forged.

After attending this year’s GiveBig training for non-profits, put on by The Seattle Times, Duke’s Marketing Director Bettina Carey took what she had learned to Duke’s and LLTK. She suggested they partner with The Seattle Times to gain an even bigger presence in both print and digital. The goal was simple: to achieve a higher financial donor commitment than the previous year. And although Duke’s and LLTK had never advertised together, the two organizations worked quickly and effectively to design an ad with the help of The Seattle Times, which exceeded their fundraising expectations.

Because the GiveBig campaign was effective, they have since decided to pursue other opportunities to partner with The Seattle Times. The long and the short of it is that by partnering together, Duke’s and LLTK can do a more effective job at sharing the mission and vision of both organizations to return salmon and steelhead back to the Pacific Northwest.

Duke sums up their combined vision as follows, “I want to help Long Live The Kings to restore salmon and steelhead so that our grandchildren and our grandchildren’s children will have salmon forever more.” Jacques agrees, and their joint efforts to speak publicly together and sell cookbooks that benefit LLTK directly is a true demonstration of cause-related marketing, cemented in a shared vision and propelled forward by action steps like advertising might truly lead to a change in the world.

September 29, 2016
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