Duke’s Chowders Available Now Across the Puget Sound

For years now, guests have been asking me to sell our award-winning chowders outside of the restaurants. While you could always order a bowl to go, or try making it yourself, neither of these really lives up to the taste of the chowder coming straight from our kitchen to your table.

And that was always the problem! It’s not that I didn’t want to sell our chowders in other places. It’s that I could never find a way to replicate the taste of the restaurant in a take-home form.

That all changed recently when we found a co-packer partner who could not only freeze the chowders for delivery, but can do so in a way that locks in the flavor of all four of our amazing chowders!

Back in August 2021, we announced a limited launch of these chowders with our partners at the Metropolitan Market. They’ve sold well (of course!), and I’m very excited to share that we’re now expanding availability of these chowders to other grocers around the Puget Sound!

Effective immediately, Duke’s chowders can be purchased through any of our grocery partners below:

Thanks for the patience as we brought these to market, and I hope you enjoy bringing the flavors of my restaurant home with you!

February 18, 2022
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