Duke’s Message on COVID-19

Dear food lover,

Our community is hurting. Schools are closing, employees are working remotely, traffic at stores, restaurants, and other services are down to the point where some newer and even legacy restaurants in our community are closing, either temporarily or forever.

Here at Duke’s, we’ve been asking ourselves, “What can we do to help people through this?”

Yes, we’ve increased the depth and frequency of our scheduled cleanings, and of course, we have implemented every available cleaning resource – including a new technology that uses electrostatic misting to sanitize every surface, inside and out.

But that’s not enough for us. We’re food people. How can we still share our passion for good food with our community during this time of uncertainty?

For now, all 7 of our restaurants are open and we will stay open for as long as we can. Our team members depend on us to provide for their families, and that commitment is important to us. For those of you who have continued to support Duke’s, thank you. It means the world to us.

But for those who prefer to avoid public areas, we offer take-out at all locations, and delivery at 4 of our locations: Green Lake, Kent Station, Bellevue, and Southcenter. We are working hard to add delivery at our other 3 locations and hope to have it in place by early next week.

We will keep you posted regarding any changes as they occur. This situation has been challenging for all of us, but by staying strong and supporting each other as a community, we will find our way through it, and we will emerge stronger, together.

Yours in good food,
Duke Moscrip

March 13, 2020
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