Duke’s Tipped Employees NEVER Make Less Than $9.04

Thank you everybody for bringing to light the real issue through all of this, our current employees.  Do we value our Employees?  No question.  So remember this, all 232 of you currently working for any Duke’s Restaurant location:  Duke’s Tipped Employees NEVER Make Less Than $9.04/hr!  We love you 🙂

If the bill passes and a tip credit of $1.79 is passed, we will maintain the current minimum wage of $9.04 per hour for all tipped employees.  Our tipped employees will never have a minimum wage less than $9.04.  If the minimum wage continues upward and it becomes necessary to exercise our right to the tip credit, we may do so BUT the minimum wage will never drop below $9.04 per hour for tipped employees.

This position is consistent with thoughts expressed earlier, that is, the objection we have to the current minimum wage bill is that it is unsustainable in the future because of its continual increases that are outpacing the ability of restaurants to increase revenue or cut other expenses which I’ve already outlined HERE.

Remember, you can never spend enough time at Duke’s!

I continue to support the bill because most restaurants in this state are on the edge financially.  They need help, I love this industry. We value our employees and we will continue to take good care of them as we have for 40 years.


PS:   Additionally, I have proposed that the State give tax credits to businesses with tipped employees as an incentive to hire new people and open new businesses.  Our state is in need of ideas to increase employment.  Let’s get people back to work.

January 29, 2012
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