Have A Happy 4th of July

The 4th of July is a special day in this country, celebrating our birth as a nation and our role as a place of freedom in the world. Anything is possible in this United States of America, and Duke’s Chowder House is proud to celebrate alongside you this year.

All six of our locations are open for your enjoyment this 4th of July, and a few spots have spectacular viewpoints for incredible fireworks displays.

Dukes at Lake Union: A Perfect Patio & Seafair Summer Fourth


Our Lake Union location is one of the best places in the city to watch an amazing 4th of July fireworks show which caps off the Seafair Summer Fourth festivities happening at nearby Gas Works Park.

Activities at the park include pie-eating contests, sack races, interactive exhibits and more! There’s also a main stage hosting live music and entertainment all day, as well as a beverage garden for you to taste some of Seattle’s best brews.

But everyone knows that the main event happens after dark.

The Lake Union fireworks display has been voted one of the best in the country by USA Today and Business Insider. Nearly 8,500 pounds of fireworks are set off from a floating barge at approximately 10:20 pm and the show is choreographed to a Seafair Summer Fourth musical score. All day, boats jockey for the best position out on the water and folks on dry land set up camp hours before the show begins.

Duke’s boasts one of the best places to watch the incredible fireworks and is a great place to cap off a busy day enjoying all that Seafair Summer Fourth has to offer. Sip a delicious cocktail and dine on perfectly prepared seafood while you watch the sun go down from our waterfront patio and enjoy the anticipation with your fellow diners as the time approaches. Finally, watch in awe as the sky is lit up by one of the best fireworks displays you’ll ever see.

Hundreds of thousands of people flood the area on the 4th of July, and our patio tables are in high demand, so be sure to arrive early to claim your seat!

Duke’s at Alki: A Quieter Celebration


If you’re looking to dodge the massive crowds and celebrate the 4th of July in a quieter manner, join us at Duke’s on Alki in West Seattle.

Located directly across from Alki Beach, we have the perfect second-story patio to relax and watch the sun go down while enjoying some peace and quiet. This romantic spot gets a glimpse of the fireworks display happening on Lake Union, and the slight distance from all the festivities means that you can enjoy the show in a more peaceful setting.

Listen to the sound of the waves at dusk while you sip a glass of wine chosen from our extensive wine list. Indulge in a delicious meal of 100% sustainable seafood, and top it all off with a homemade dessert and perhaps a specialty coffee. Finally, spectacular fireworks in the distance will signal the perfect end to the perfect meal.

Come in with a special someone or bring the whole family and celebrate the 4th of July your own way.

Duke’s on Ruston Way: Freedom Fair & The Fourth of July


Voted Best Seafood Restaurant in Tacoma, Duke’s on Ruston Way is one of the busiest spots in the area on the 4th of July. The entire street is shut down to celebrate the Freedom Fair, a destination event approaching its 40th year!

The Freedom Fair offers something for everyone. There’s a huge kid’s play area for the youngsters, and an international food marketplace offering snacks from across the globe. There’s a BMX bike competition, beach pole vaulting, a car and hot rod show and a massive air show! If live music is your thing, you will find seven stages featuring music of every genre; from rock to salsa, to jazz and country. This fair celebrates our nation’s multiculturalism to its fullest extent, allowing you to travel the world in just one day!

The celebration culminates with a spectacular fireworks display lighting up the sky over Tacoma. Over 125,000 attendees come to enjoy the Freedom Fair and celebrate the 4th of July, and Duke’s Chowder House is excited to be right in the heart of the festivities.

After a long day of walking around and taking in the sights and activities, we invite you to join us to unwind on our beautiful waterfront patio. The cool ocean breeze is the perfect accompaniment to a delicious seafood dish. Try our Silky Sensual Pan Seared Wild Alaskan Salmon, showcasing a blend of sugar and black pepper with white wine and fresh basil.

Or, share an appetizer with friends and family! We suggest our Killer Prawns dish, featuring 100% Wild Mexican Prawns sustainably caught in the Gulf of Mexico. Sample a cold white wine off our menu, or try one of our famous ‘Duketails,’specially crafted by our professional bartenders. Our signature Bloody Mary Infused Vodka is quite possibly the best Bloody Mary in town, and is always a fan favorite!

Then, catch the best seat in town to watch the evening fireworks. As you probably guessed, foot traffic is heavy and the patio tables are coveted, so be sure to arrive early to claim your seat and celebrate the 4th of July in style!

Leading America towards Sustainable Food 


I like to think that Duke’s Chowder House is a true example the classic ‘American Dream’ realized. Many of our signature recipes and dishes are inspired by family favorites, direct from my mom’s kitchen. Duke’s is a family-owned business focused on supporting the local economy and building up other businesses in the area. We believe that anyone can succeed in this great country with the right amount of dedication and hard work.

But Duke’s main claim to fame is our deep commitment to using sustainable ingredients, sourced from the United States and around the world. More specifically, we only serve 100% Wild and Sustainable Seafood. As a leader in the growing sustainable food movement, Duke’s goal is to ensure that future generations have access to the same nutritious, wholesome ingredients that we do today. It’s a commitment we don’t take lightly.

This 4th of July, come out and support sustainable food at Duke’s Chowder House. Every American deserves good food, today and always. What better way to celebrate this great country of ours than by supporting local businesses and encouraging the growth of the sustainable food movement? Plus, you get front-row, waterfront seats to the most spectacular fireworks shows of the year!

Again, seats go quickly, so be sure to arrive early to grab yours! Join our VIP Club to get special offers and secret sustainable seafood recipes directly to your inbox!

June 30, 2017