Making Cheese The Old Fashioned Way . . . Naturally – Tillamook

What is impressive to me about Tillamook is that the cheese is
made naturally, unlike many cheeses in the marketplace. There is
no attempt to speed things up with chemicals in order to shorten the
period of time that the cheese is aging.

Tillamook’s cheese recipe and natural aging process hasn’t changed
in more than 100 years and makes all the difference in flavor and
quality. Tillamook is all about consistency, tradition and patience…
very much like Duke’s Chowder House. They naturally age their
cheddar cheeses a minimum of sixty days and up to five years to
develop a richer, sharper and deeper flavor. Their natural cheese
is made without any preservatives, artificial ingredients, and is
rBST hormone free—it’s 100 percent real cheese—and has won
more than 700 awards since 1904 including World’s Best Medium
Cheddar Cheese and World’s Best Colby Jack Cheese at the World
Championship Cheese Contest.

October 7, 2016
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