Meet Duke’s Team: Kent Station

At Duke’s Chowder House, we value teamwork and collaboration. The staff at every location works hard to deliver excellent service, to every customer, every day. Whether you’re a regular, a tourist or have discovered a new local favorite, our customers agree that the service at Duke’s is hard to match!

That’s why I’m pleased to share a bit about our Kent Station team. This is the first spotlight in a series of posts that will help you get to know our locations a bit better, and give you some insight into what makes each of our six locations special. I was chatting recently with Greg Green, the General Manager of Duke’s Chowder House at Kent Station. He has worked at Duke’s for over 8 years and has been managing the Kent Station location for almost 2 years. Here is some of what he shared with me about what makes Duke’s Kent Station so great and his love of working at Duke’s.

So, Greg, what is unique about the Kent Station Duke’s location compared to other Duke’s locations?

Greg: “Definitely the absence of seasonal flux when it comes to business. This is because we are so close to the ShoWare Center, with events year round, as well as our location in the heart of the Kent Station shopping village. We pretty much know what to expect in terms of business. It’s nice to not have to rely on a sunny day for a busy lunch.”

What sets you apart from other restaurants in the area? 

“Easily the quality of our food. We’ve got organic, sustainable ingredients, generous portions, and an incredibly talented culinary team. Nobody even comes close to us in terms of food excellence.”

Can you describe the surrounding neighborhood a bit?  

“South of us are some very nice apartments and a historic downtown area, while to the north is the ShoWare Center and an industrial area. There’s a courthouse and some office buildings nearby as well. Sound Transit makes it easy to commute out to Kent Station for shopping and entertainment, so we often get customers from out of the area.”

Who is your typical clientele and what keeps them coming back? 

“At lunch, we see a lot of business professionals, lawyers, and judges. Monday through Friday lunches are probably our busiest times. The dinner crowd brings lots of families, couples heading to movies, and some residual business meetings. People return because of our great food and attentive service. We work hard to provide a nice, unpretentious atmosphere and I think people appreciate it.”

Duke's Chowder House

Greg’s favorite drink is the delicious Blood Orange Margarita.

Tell us about your Happy Hour! 

“Happy Hour is always fun. Just like the other locations, we offer rotating specials on appetizers, beer, wine and ‘Duketails’. The Happy Hour crowd is usually business professionals and quite a few retirees; the atmosphere is great, it really is a friendly neighborhood bar vibe. Happy Hour is 3-6pm and 9pm-close every day.”

Do you have any bestselling dishes?

“Like every Duke’s location, the Clam Chowder is always a big hit. Fish and Chips are also very popular. Again, because we don’t go through seasonal shifts, the ‘favorites’ list pretty much stays the same all year.”

You must have some favorites, Greg! Tell us your fave appetizer, entrée, and dessert. Oh, and your favorite cocktail! 

“That’s a tough one. I think my favorite appetizer would have to be the Halibut Quesadilla; I love the wasabi aioli! I never say no to a dinner of Stuffed Prawns, they are always a huge hit on the menu. For dessert, I’ll treat myself to a Pier Pie once in a while. And my favorite drink hands-down is the Blood Orange Margarita; it’s delicious, and it was voted Most Unique Margarita last year!”

What do you love about working with your staff at Kent Station? 

“We’ve all worked really hard over the past year or so to build a solid team, and I’m so proud of everybody. Our group is young, charismatic and talented when it comes to high-quality customer service. We keep our guests informed and happy, and aim to provide a really welcoming customer experience from beginning to end. We also really love our regulars; we recognize their commitment to Duke’s and we try to help everybody enjoy the time they spend in our restaurant.”

If somebody asked you why they should visit Duke’s at Kent Station, what would you tell them? 

“I’d say that it’s a great place for a complete night out. Do a bit of shopping, enjoy delicious dinner and drinks in a comfortable restaurant, and catch a movie at the theater. With family, friends, a loved one, it just makes for a great time.”

Duke's Chowder House

A bowl of our Award-Winning Clam Chowder is sure to please!

At every Duke’s Chowder House location, we strive for excellence. That’s why we use sustainable, organic ingredients in our dishes. Our menu features 100% Wild Alaskan Salmon and Halibut, Wild Mexican Prawns, locally sourced Penn Cove Mussels and so much more!

Great tasting food isn’t just the result of the ingredients; it’s also the result of the people preparing and serving it. When a workplace is enjoyable, promoting happiness and creativity, the outcome is consistently great tasting food. Atmosphere plays a big role in the customer experience as well.  Building and maintaining a consistent atmosphere, where everyone can enjoy themselves, takes time and dedication. The staff at every Duke’s location understands this and strives for excellence, day after day!

Thanks to Greg and the team at Kent Station! I am extremely proud and honored to work with you all.

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July 23, 2017