Open Letter to President Trump

President Donald Trump

The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue N W
Washington, DC 20500

Dear President Trump:

I need your help. And I’ll help you in return. Let’s make a deal. It’s pretty simple, really. You direct your federal agencies (Army Corps of Engineers, Bureau of Reclamation, Bonneville Power Administration) to truly and genuinely restore Wild Salmon in the Columbia River Basin to historical levels and I’ll show you a gigantic increase in employment, an enormous increase in the GDP not just this year but every year hereafter and no downside. And, along the way, there will be an improvement in the environment that will gain you much needed praise.

There used to be anywhere from 10 to 30 million Wild Salmon coming up the Columbia River every year. Now there are only 400,000. That’s unacceptable. According to the Endangered Species Act, the federal government is required to submit a plan to restore Wild Salmon runs in the Columbia River. They have submitted four plans to date and all have been rejected because they are terribly flawed. There would be little, if any, restoration if these plans had been approved. Recently, Federal Judge Michael Simon has ordered these agencies to submit yet another plan. Your agencies are playing games with citizen tax dollars. Tell them to stop and get on with a credible plan.

Think of this resource as a “Salmon Mine.” Much like a gold mine, the Wild Salmon resource yields valuable ore. However, unlike a gold mine that has an average life of only 10 years, the “Salmon Mine” produces for an eternity because it sustains itself. The “Salmon Mine” can produce $600,000,000 worth of economic benefit to the economy every year, increase employment by as much as 20,000 people and reduce tax payer expense to zero. In other words, it’s part of making America Great again. This is the perfect example of what you promised in your campaign. Make your federal agency people fulfill your promise and you’ll be a hero in the Northwest and all across this country.

Columbia Basin Wild Salmon are endangered and headed for extinction if we don’t get government agencies out of the way. Please keep in mind that Wild Salmon are not the same as other endangered species like the Spotted Owl. We don’t eat Spotted Owls. We eat Wild Salmon. Not to diminish the importance of other endangered species, wild salmon are additionally and particularly important as a food source.

President Trump, you are known as a deal maker and a businessman. This is a great deal for you, the American public and most importantly, the Wild Salmon. Columbia River King Salmon used to be on the menu at the White House. And you probably remember that they were on the menu of just about every great restaurant in New York City years ago. Let’s bring them back to historical levels. Get your agencies to approve the “Salmon Mine.” It’s an incredible resource.

Sustainably yours

Duke Moscrip

October 2, 2017

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