Seattle Seafood Restaurant Duke’s Chowder House Announces First ‘Birthday Bourbon’ and 8th Custom Blend by Woodford Reserve

Duke’s Chowder House celebrates its fifth year of creating custom bourbon blends with its latest custom bourbon, blended by the Duke’s team at Woodford Reserve in Versailles, KY.

Duke’s Chowder House, a premier seafood restaurant with six locations throughout the Puget Sound region, has some exciting news for bourbon lovers. Owner Duke Moscrip is pleased to announce the release of his first-ever “Birthday Bourbon” blend – the 8th custom blend for Duke’s Chowder House. The Birthday Bourbon blend is named  in honor of Duke’s recent birthday (as well as his son’s in January) and will be available at all six of Duke’s Chowder House locations (Ruston Way Tacoma, Kent Station, South Center, Lake Union, Green Lake and Alki).

Duke’s Chowder House was the first to bring a custom bourbon blend to Seattle. Even now there are only a handful of companies in Seattle that have their own custom blend. The restaurant has been offering these custom blends for five years now, and sales have doubled since then.

Duke’s Executive Team and Beverage Manager traveled all the way to the historic Woodford Reserve in Versailles, KY to create their custom blend with the guidance of Master Distiller Chris Morris.  With his unpretentious manner and friendly personality, Morris helps guide us every year in our quest for a unique experience.  The team, preferring a “candy-store” flavor with notes of vanilla and butterscotch, personally tasted 8 different barrels and then blended the selection for this year’s “Duke’s Personal Blend #6 and #7.”  In addition, Duke’s Team tasted and selected the new Double Oaked “Duke’s Birthday Bourbon,” our 8th total Woodford Reserve blend.  Click here to see the video of Duke and the team making their selection at Woodford. Click here to learn a little about the history of the renowned Woodford Reserve Distillery in Kentucky.

“People ask me why we go all the way to Kentucky to blend our own Bourbon. Here’s why: it is just such a unique opportunity. We were the first restaurant in the Northwest to arrange such a cool opportunity at Woodford Reserve. And the big surprise was we made a better tasting blend than the regular blend. But the proof is in the bourbon pudding, so to speak,” Duke says. “Come and judge for yourself. Have our bartenders pour you a little taste of the Duke’s Personal Blend and a little taste of the Duke’s Birthday Bourbon.  You be the judge!”

“I invite you to come imbibe with a Duke’s Manhattan, or try either blend ‘on the rock,’ made with a frozen custom ice ball for slow melting or just plain ‘neat.’”

About Duke’s Chowder House:

Duke’s Chowder House is an upscale-casual Pacific NW seafood concept known for its award-winning chowder.  Owner Duke Moscrip, now joined by his son and partner John Moscrip, continues on his passionate 37 year journey to source wild, all-natural and sustainable seafood.  Duke pioneered the concept of “ice chilled, better than fresh.” Duke’s, with six locations, offers healthy and fresh ingredients, free of hormones, antibiotics or harmful chemicals.  Duke’s is a comfortable and friendly gathering place. Duke’s has also recently earned a 4.5 grade (Blue Fish rating) out of 5 by Fish2Fork, a leading evaluator of seafood restaurants.  This is the highest seafood restaurant rating in the State of Washington. For more information, visit

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March 3, 2014
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