The Real Truth About The Food Served At Duke’s

Taken from Duke’s NEW Cookbook, As Wild As It Gets . . .  Duke’s Secret Sustainable Seafood Recipes

The Doctor Is In – Bradford S. Weeks, M.D., N.D.

I am a medical doctor who uses food as medicine, and for decades, I have taught my patients that a healthy diet can make many, if not most, drugs redundant and obsolete. There are no miracle drugs, nor are there miracle foods; the human body itself is the miracle worker. Our responsibility is to take care of our miraculous body, feed and hydrate it well and use it appropriately.

My patients know I disagree with the term “junk food.” In my opinion, there is no junk food. There is food, and there is junk, and even though the junk might be full of artificial flavors and artificial sweeteners and artificial colorings—making it edible and perhaps even delicious—it is not food. Food, by definition, nourishes. Junk does not.

Sadly, some restaurants today offer junk that is labeled as food, but it is laced with chemicals, artificially colored or genetically altered. In order to obtain good quality food, customers are forced to ask specifically for it. “Is that salmon wild, or is it farm-raised?” or “What type of oil are you frying with?” Sometimes, people wanting to eat food and not junk seem to talk in code to the waiter. It might sound like this: “I need my meal to have no SL, HFCS, TFA, MSG or rBST. OK?”

At Duke’s, they speak this code. “No problem,” your waiter would say. Duke’s is one of the rare restaurants with no junk. The magnificent book you hold in your hands reflects the passion and commitment of a master restaurateur and his brilliant chef who create top-quality, delicious meals that are natural, sustainable and, most important, as good as medicine.

Trans Fats

Trans Fatty Acids (TFA), typically found in baked
goods and deep-fried foods, are synthetic and
created by destroying healthy oils in order to
preserve foods. The problem is that Trans Fatty
Acids increase the risk of many illnesses, including
cancer and heart disease, because they interfere
with normal healthy metabolism. It may seem
contrary, but my advice is to eat only food that will
rot or turn rancid. That is living, real food. Junk
never rots, and that should tell you something!
Duke’s has no Trans Fats on its menu.

Gluten-Free Options gf

Gluten, a protein in wheat, can cause many
chronic inflammatory and degenerative illnesses
by interfering with normal digestion. For many
people, avoiding gluten may eliminate more than
250 symptoms, not just digestive problems but
many neurological and auto-immune diseases
as well. It is very difficult to eliminate gluten in
a restaurant, yet Duke’s is committed to offering
many gluten-free choices.

High Fructose Corn Syrup

High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is a synthetic
substance, which, even in moderation, can cause
heart disease, obesity, cancer, dementia, liver
failure, eye problems, tooth decay and certain
endocrine diseases. HFCS is rapidly absorbed
and wreaks havoc with insulin secretion,
stimulating harsh cravings. Duke’s has no High
Fructose Corn Syrup on their menu.

Soy Lecithin

Soy lecithin (SL), synthetically derived almost
universally from non-organic, genetically-modified
crops (GMO), is an inhibitor of healthy enzymes
and compromises the human body’s ability to digest
food and be nourished. Avoiding soy lecithin can
help avoid many diseases linked to poor digestion,
including auto-immune illnesses, pre-menstrual
pain, fertility problems and inflammatory conditions
such as allergies and endometriosis. Duke’s has no
soy lecithin on their menu. Fermented soy (such
as in soy sauce) has none of the properties of soy

Lots of Natural Fish Oil

Eating wild fish such as Salmon is excellent for our
health because of its rich supply of Omega-3 fatty
acids, which decrease triglycerides and have been
linked to benefits such as lowering inflammation
and increasing mental ability. The best way to
get these benefits is simply to eat fish. Duke’s has
plenty of great choices.

No Preservatives

Sodium nitrate, a preservative commonly added
to cured meats such as bacon and grain-fed beef,
is linked to cancer. It converts to the carcinogen
nitrosamine, damages blood vessels and is
implicated in heart disease and diabetes. Duke’s
serves only grass-fed beef, which has no nitrates,
and meat with no sodium nitrite.

No Growth Hormones

The growth hormone known as BGH/BST or
Recombinant bovine somatotropin (rbST), sold
under the name Posilac, has been banned since
2000 in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan,
Israel, the European Union and Argentina due
to cancer risk in humans and the negative health
effects on cows. Duke’s butter, milk, cream and
buttermilk are supplied by local producer Darigold
and contain zero growth hormones.


Coffee has many anti-oxidant benefits, but most
coffee is farmed using pesticides. These pesticides
intoxicate our lipophilic cell membranes. Duke’s
serves only organic coffee from Caffe Ladro
(owned by Duke’s good friend Jack Kelly), which
contains no pesticides.

All Natural Stevia as an Alternative to Artificial Sweeteners

Used in moderation, sugar is safer than artificial
sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners contain an
excitotoxin, which is a chemical that intoxicates
and stresses the brain. Artificial sweeteners can be
addictive and neuro-toxic, and they are implicated
in many illnesses, including headaches, memory
loss, seizures, vision loss, coma, cancer, fibromyalgia,
MS, lupus, ADD, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, chronic
fatigue and depression. Duke’s offers Stevia, a
naturally sourced sweetener extracted from the
Stevia Rebaudiana plant. I know for a fact that
Duke uses it in his tea.

Sea Salt

Conventional salt contains anti-caking additives
like yellow prussate of soda, sodium aluminosilicate
and cynanide in the form of Sodium ferrocyanide,
Potassium ferrocyanide, Calcium ferrocyanide
and dextrose. Yes, even commercial salt has sugar
added! Sea salt is simply evaporated seawater.
Duke’s uses only sea salt in its kitchen.

Organic Herbs

Organic herbs are far safer and more beneficial
than non-organic herbs because the seeds and
oils of a plant are where pesticides, herbicides
and heavy metals are stored. Duke’s serves fresh
organic herbs.

Organically Fed and Cage-Free Chickens and Eggs

If there is a hell on earth, it is what caged chickens
experience. Hens raised in factory settings are
crammed together so tightly that they require
prophylactic antibiotics. They are also denied
natural behaviors like pruning, perching, nesting
and dust bathing. The chickens and eggs served at
Duke’s are cage-free.

Grass-Fed Beef 

Grass-fed organic meat is leaner, and its fats are
more heart-healthy than corn-fed beef. Meat
from feedlot animals fattened on corn typically
has 15 to 50 percent less omega-3s compared to
beef raised on natural grass. Also, grass-fed cows
create a healthier world for us because they have
less antibiotic resistance, cause less environmental
degradation, heart disease, E. coli infection and
water pollution.


Mono sodium glutamate, or “MSG,” is an
artificial compound used for flavoring food that is
linked to negative health effects such as headache,
dizziness, nausea and weakness as well as flushing
and sweating and other neurological symptoms
like numbness and tingling or burning in the face
and neck. Cardiac symptoms may include fast and
irregular heartbeat and chest pain. Duke’s uses no
MSG in any recipe.

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June 14, 2016