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Chef-Created Spice Blends

The iconic Puget Sound restaurant, Duke’s Seafood, is finally sharing the secret to its amazing flavor; its exclusive spice blends. Each offers a unique flavor profile to enhance almost any dish from fish, meats, poultry, vegetables, even French fries. Try these blends today on your own recipes or create one of ours artfully crafted by Chef “Wild” Bill.

Duke's Seafood Ready-Anytime Spice Blend

Ready Anytime Seasoning

With a blend of 14 different flavor-packed ingredients, this spice is the “go-to” spice for Duke’s Seafood chefs. “We use this blend on nearly everything,” says Duke Moscrip, founder of Duke’s Seafood.

Duke's Seafood Blackening Spice of Life

Blackening Spice of Life

Warm spicy heat without the burn is how we describe the rich depth of Cajun flavors in this unique blend. A spice blend, not a rub, you can add this to anything to jazz up your meal, even seafood like shrimp or salmon.

Duke's Seafood Souper Soup & Chowder Blend Spice

Souper Soup & Chowder Blend

This blend captures the unique and delicate flavors of three herbs to enhance homemade soups, sauces or dressings, or to sprinkle on chicken, fish, meats . . .. well, practically anything.

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Duke’s Spice Blends are available now at Sound Bites and all 8 Metropolitan Market locations.

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Recipes & Cookbooks

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