Duke with Salmon


John and Duke Moscrip

My partner and son, John Moscrip, and our executive chef, Wild Bill Ranniger, and I source every ingredient in the food we serve at Duke’s – yes, really – and it is local when possible, sustainable always, free of harmful chemicals always, and gluten free when possible. Several decades ago, I hopped on the Alaskan fishing boats catching our food, so I could secure a higher-quality product. I tagged along and what I saw appalled me. Fisherman brought in fish after beautiful fish, only to see them ruined. They did not bleed the fish right way and iced, and they tossed them around, which damages their delicate texture. I saw beautiful, perfect salmon rotting on the boats and further abused on the docks, processing plants, and in shipping.

That’s when I started my quest to only buy from trusted suppliers who understood the proper way to care for fish. I didn’t know it back then, but the standards we set back then are now the industry standards for all quality commercial fishing. True story! There I was, just one guy who only wanted one thing: great-tasting fish, only to end up setting the standard for the industry.

We did not stop at fish. We go to the produce fields, the chicken farms, the wineries, even to our exclusive Bourbon supplier, Woodford Reserve.

Everything served at Duke’s must meet our strict standards to be DukeWorthy or it doesn’t make it onto your plate – ever! Below are some of our favorites.

Our Food

Duke's Filet Mignon

Copper River salmon only

Wild halibut

Australian grass-fed beef

Nitrite- and phosphate-free bacon

Wild Mexican Pacific prawns

Penn Cove mussels

Co-op farmed free-range chickens

Dungeness crab from Washington & Oregon

Kodiak, Alaska scallops

Kodiak, Alaska rockfish

Essential Bakery sourdough

Local Dairy with no BGH or BST

Cage-free eggs

Our Beverages

Cocktail at Duke's

Northwest craft beers

Boutique wine list

60% Pacific Northwest wines

Infusion cocktails created by Duke’s

Woodford Reserve Exclusive blend

Caffe Ladro coffee

Cane sugar sodas from Seattle Soda

New “diet” monk fruit sweetened soda