Alki Reopens

I want to speak directly to you, my valued guest.

During my nearly half a century in the restaurant business in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I have never faced anything as challenging as COVID-19. It has transformed the restaurant business nationwide and forced many of our colleagues to close their doors forever.

Closer to our hearts, some of our team members–Duke’s family members–contracted this terrible virus. As they quarantine at home, they are in our thoughts and best wishes for a speedy recovery. We miss them and are eager to welcome them back as soon as they are ready.

Also vital to Duke’s is you, our guest. We deeply value the loyalty you have shown us over the decades, and we hope you will stand by us as we weather this storm at our seven locations around the Sound.

When the health authorities examined our Alki location and took the action to shut us down, we were devastated. Frankly, we thought we were following the safety protocols precisely. After cooperating with them fully over the past few days, we earned their approval to reopen today. Specifically, they approved the distance between our tables and the occupancy levels that allow us to keep everyone safe.

As a new layer of safety at Duke’s restaurants, we ordered and are installing new air purification technology over the next few weeks at all our locations to stop COVID-19 particles, other viruses, and bacteria in internal spaces.

Safety. That is the only thing important to us as we all begin to venture out more and enjoy our unique way of life here in the Pacific Northwest.

Despite every safety measure available, we expect we will see more cases of COVID-19 among our valued team. Today we are better prepared to properly react.

I know that many of you believe that Duke’s let you down. For that, we are truly saddened.

We cherish the relationship and trust we have built over the decades with each of you. We earned that reputation with honesty, transparency, and consistency and we promise to continue that into the future.

What we ask of you, our loyal guest, is to continue to protect yourself, all those you love, and those who serve you. We humbly ask for your patience as we work through these trying times and work to earn back your trust.

With gratitude and respect,

Duke Moscrip

Founder and Co-Owner, Duke’s Seafood

July 20, 2020
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