Community Outreach

Young boy teeing off on a fairway

July 21 2022

What Almost Beating Tiger Woods Taught Me About Life

People are always so amazed when I tell them that I once played in a tournament with Tiger Woods. At the time, we were both teenagers, and though Tiger was rising steadily through the ranks, he wasn’t the legend he is now. He was still the person to beat, though. And I got really close.…
Putting On Golf Green

August 21 2018

Duke's Supports Local Junior Golfers with $1,000 Scholarship

Inspired by his own experiences as a young professional golfer, Duke’s co-owner John Moscrip started a scholarship program for local youth in 2015. “I am honored to support young men and women golfers who have both an enthusiasm and excitement for the sport as well as a passion and sincere desire to succeed,” says Moscrip.…