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Kids Meal Organic Chicken Strips

February 26 2019

Stop Serving Kids Lousy Food; Your Kids Demand Healthy Meals

Why do we parents seek out sustainable and organic food at home, then take our children to fast food restaurants where sourcing is, well, questionable at best? Who knows what’s really in nuggets and pressed fish sandwiches anyway? That’s why I did yet one more thing to make the kid’s meals he serves even better;…
Clam chowder

October 22 2018

Desserts To Die For

When you come to Duke’s, we aim to provide a meal that not only tastes great but also makes you feel good inside. We infuse every dish we create with that comforting feeling – including our desserts. We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends Just because you know how to cook does NOT…
Duke Holding Fish with Jimi

October 12 2018

Farmed vs. Wild Salmon: What's the Difference?

The debate surrounding wild and farmed salmon is complex and often contradictory. The issues and arguments generally fall into three main categories: environmental concerns, contamination problems, and the heath concerns of eating farmed salmon. Environmental Concerns Farmed fish are most commonly raised in net pens in the ocean, usually in a protected area such as…

October 11 2018

Farmed Fish Does Not Have a Place at Duke's

The Farmed Salmon Fad Back in the 90’s a hot new trend was sweeping the restaurant industry: farmed salmon. The farmed fish companies promised restaurants consistent access to quality salmon, with no difference between wild-caught fish and their product. The idea of a streamlined delivery system for high-caliber salmon with no apparent drawbacks took the…
Stewardship Partners - Duke

March 28 2018

Duke’s and Stewardship Partners, a “Dirty” and Delicious Partnership

By Amy Waeschle Where can you go where sipping delicious wine saves salmon? For the month of April, Duke’s! Duke’s partners with Stewardship Partners, a non-profit organization helping to promote “salmon-safe” farming practices. “Things like switching to drip irrigation, which saves water, and tricking pests into eating something else, which reduces their dependency on pesticides,”…

February 28 2018

Taste the Good Dirt in Every Sip!!

  Our relationship with Mercer Family Winery By John Moscrip I don’t usually taste dirt. But I can taste the fruits from a good terroir, and this month’s featured wines are from some of the best in Washington State. We’re kicking off our Washington Wine Month with three featured wines, and one of them, Mercer…

January 30 2018

Get Fresh with your Fish

Fresh fish is revered by fishmongers, grocery stores, and restaurants worldwide, but how do you really know it is “fresh?” Studies show that the fish they serve could be three weeks old, and here’s the kicker: the restaurant may not even know it! A fish that isn’t cleaned and frozen within hours of being caught…