Amy’s Travels

Amy Moscrip With Family on Road Trip

July 20 2018

"Elevated" Road Food

The day after my kids finished their school year in June, my family hit the road for a multi-week, multi-sport road trip through the West. Because my family is gluten-free and some of us are also dairy-free, food prep poses an extra challenge when traveling. I am a meticulous planner, so always make at least…
Amy Waeschle surfing a right-breaking wave near Troncones, Mexico.

May 2 2018

In Love With Amor Tropical

By Amy Waeschle Welcome to Paradise After a hard day of surfing, nothing beats a comfy chair with an ocean view and a refreshing, handcrafted beverage. The first time I visited Amor Tropical, a little expat haven on Mexico’s Pacific coast, I almost missed it. But the telltale baa-ing of a baby goat told me…
Duke's family at Waterbrook Estates

March 8 2018

Amy’s Travels: Wine Gems of the Walla Walla Valley

By Amy Waeschle “Is this the honeymoon suite?” Cybele asks on her way into her and my dad’s room. “Because we’re still technically still newlyweds.” I laugh as I toss my overnight bag onto my bed in the guesthouse where we are staying as guests of Waterbrook Estates. Cybele and my dad had been married…

February 26 2018

In Pursuit of the Perfect Gluten Free Sourdough

By Amy Waeschle If I had to live off of one food, I would choose bread. Though I do love apples, and cheeseburgers, and chowder, bread is my favorite. Even better when it’s served with organic, sweet cream butter. Duke’s sourdough has always been something I looked forward to. When I was attending the University…