Duke's Seafood Bowl of Steamed Clams

March 6 2023

Cl’amour at First Bite

“Most people have no idea we source our clams this way,” says Duke Moscrip, founder and co-owner of Duke’s Seafood. Here at Duke’s Seafood, we love our clam chowder, and if the 360,000 servings we dished up in 2022* are any indication, you love it too! It’s a recipe with a long and wonderful history—one…
Outdoor deck seating at Duke's Seafood Ruston Way overlooking Puget Sound

August 8 2022

Best Outdoor Seating in the Northwest

At Duke’s Seafood, we have a lot of great things going for us: tasty food, our easy vibe, friendly team members, and much more. But when summer arrives in the Puget Sound region, one of the best things about Duke’s is our patios and decks! Nothing says summertime like sipping a cold beverage on a…
Chowders from Duke's Seafood

February 18 2022

Duke’s Chowders Available Now Across the Puget Sound

For years now, guests have been asking me to sell our award-winning chowders outside of the restaurants. While you could always order a bowl to go, or try making it yourself, neither of these really lives up to the taste of the chowder coming straight from our kitchen to your table. And that was always…
Cows in pasture at the Royal Ranch in Columbia Basin, Washington

October 13 2021

A Match Made in (grass-fed) Heaven

A beef disaster becomes a delicious quest Here at Duke’s Seafood, you know we only serve the best: from our sustainable seafood, to blending our own spices, to buying local and organic produce whenever possible. Due to changes in our supply chain, our imported grass-fed beef was becoming harder and harder to get into our…
Duke's Prawns Appetizer

July 13 2021

Farmed Prawns at Duke’s Seafood?

If you’ve spent any time at Duke’s Seafood, you know that we care about quality, taste, and supporting sustainable farms and fisheries. Would you be surprised to learn that Duke’s Seafood used to serve farmed prawns? We know, we know, terrible, right? (cue angry mob) But here’s the thing. We didn’t understand what we do…
Dukes Seafood Cheeseburger with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and onion

May 7 2021

Romancing the Burger

I tell guests and team members, “Yup, it’s a cheeseburger.” But it’s not just a cheeseburger. Behind the scenes, there’s so much more to it than that. The bun: baked by Essential Baking Company (our recipe) using organic flour and delivered to us 7 days a week. We grill it in locally made clarified butter.…
Duke's Seafood Delivery Package

June 10 2020

Sound Bites for Home Delivery

Our most popular items now delivered to your doorstep! available for home delivery from locally-owned Sound Sustainable Farms! Introducing Sound Bites, an exciting new partnership to deliver Duke’s ready-to-cook frozen food to your door from our friends at Sound Sustainable Farms. This is not pre-cooked food that you’d have to drop everything in order to…
Free-Range Hens

September 17 2019

Is Organic Chicken Really Worth It?

By Duke Moscrip Organic, free range and cage-free are terms tossed around wildly in the chicken world. We know that chickens need more than just food and water to be healthy and, today more than ever, consumers care about the way their food is grown. Organic chicken is hard to come by, but when you…
Pacific prawns

May 2 2018

Tasty Mexican Prawns from Responsible Fishermen

by Duke Moscrip Handled With Care At Duke’s, exceptional quality is our top priority. If food is headed to our kitchens, you can bet that I have invested a lot of time and energy into sourcing it. I search long and hard to ensure I am providing my customers with the best-tasting and most sustainable…

April 11 2018

Eat Good Food. Live Forever.

by Duke Moscrip To me, food is more than just the basics of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’s more than just finding something to fill yourself up when you’re hungry. Good food is a lifestyle. My food philosophy is the basis for every business decision I make and is one of the driving passions in…