Clam chowder

October 22 2018

Desserts To Die For

When you come to Duke’s, we aim to provide a meal that not only tastes great but also makes you feel good inside. We infuse every dish we create with that comforting feeling – including our desserts. We Get By With A Little Help From Our Friends Just because you know how to cook does NOT…
Lobster and Crab on Barrell

June 15 2018

Not One; Not Two; Not Three; but Four Chowders

At Duke’s, it’s not just about the clams Many Seattle restaurants offer clam chowder. We get that—it’s a Northwest necessity. And at Duke’s, we love clams, too, but why stop with clams? We offer at least four chowders every day, and not only are they full of flavor, they are all gluten free! Can’t choose…

February 1 2018

Recipe #1: DukeWorthy™ Seattle Double Sourdough: A Duke’s Tradition

My love of San Francisco and its famous sourdough bread is why every meal at Duke’s Seafood begins with a basket of this delicious, warm delight, served with fresh Darigold butter. It’s also why we own our exclusive Double Sourdough recipe, developed just for Duke’s Seafood. Sourdough bread is a true flavor experience. Soft, airy,…