February 1 2018

Happy Chickens; How They Are Raised Matters

Free range and cage-free are terms tossed around wildly in the chicken world. Why does it matter?  Chickens raised in a cage-free environment and served only a natural diet grow bigger, are nutritionally richer, taste better, and, frankly, are raised more humanely. That matters to us. Harvestland/Perdue, our only chicken supplier, shares these values. They…

January 30 2018

Essential is, well, Essential at Duke’s

Relationships matter and for the past 10+ years, Essential Baking Company has baked our luscious sourdough bread. Guests have told me they drive across town just for a slice of oven-warmed sourdough . . . it’s that delectable. Don’t try to duplicate it with another sourdough; this recipe is exclusively Duke’s. I fell in love…

January 28 2018

“DukeWorthy” – Fishing with the Pros

Fresh fish is my passion and the reason I started Duke’s 40+ years ago. Knowing the source of what we serve is critical, which is why I fish with the fishermen . . . regularly. These men and women are pros. Don’t ever underestimate the amazing work they do every day to bring us the…