Forgive Us While We Get Passionate

You probably already know that here at Duke’s Seafood, we can get a little bit crazy when we talk about our sourcing. Like how we only serve 100% wild salmon from Alaska, buy only organic chicken from farmers we trust, and never add ingredients we don’t trust. 

Did you know that our cod (featured here in our Unforgettable Sea Cod tacos and the star of our fish & chips) comes from the most sustainable cod fishery in the business? 

The fishers at Blue North go above and beyond being mindful of their catch. They use fuel-efficient engines, automated freezers, and all of their fish are stunned within seconds of the catch to render them unconscious. 

Our partnership with the Blue North is no accident. We searched far and wide to find a Pacific cod source that aligned with our values for quality, taste, and sustainability. The Blue North was by far the winner.

We think you’ll agree that cod harvested with such care tastes better.

October 11, 2022
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