Interior dining area at Bellevue Duke's Seafood Restaurant

Brand-new pathogen-filtering systems installed in all 7 Duke’s locations

Pardon us while we geek out… Over the past several weeks, we’ve installed additional air filtering systems in all 7 of our restaurants. These systems effectively kill airborne coronavirus particles.The process uses needlepoint bipolar ionization, or NPBI™, and is the same system installed in the White House, Google, Amelia Arena, the Phoenix airport, the Mayo Clinic, Ramstein…

Duke Moscrip

Alki Reopens

I want to speak directly to you, my valued guest. During my nearly half a century in the restaurant business in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I have never faced anything as challenging as COVID-19. It has transformed the restaurant business nationwide and forced many of our colleagues to close their doors forever. Closer to our hearts,…

Duke's Seafood Delivery Package

Sound Bites for Home Delivery

Our most popular items now delivered to your doorstep! available for home delivery from locally-owned Sound Sustainable Farms! Introducing Sound Bites, an exciting new partnership to deliver Duke’s ready-to-cook frozen food to your door from our friends at Sound Sustainable Farms. This is not pre-cooked food that you’d have to drop everything in order to…

Two Tom Turkeys

Chef Bill Ranniger’s Turkey Talk

You get a lot of advice and direction about prepping and enjoying turkey during this time of year, but our Executive Chef “Wild” Bill has the best advice. Take it away, Bill. By Bill Ranniger Go to Duke’s for several days before Thanksgiving, eat good food and mentally prepare to be away from Duke’s until…


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Dukes Chowderhouse dishes

Wild Bill Ranniger

is the heart of the kitchen at Duke’s Seafood and makes food ideas come to life. Wild Bill has been part of Duke’s team for 22 years, adding his spicy and wild style to everything he creates. Bill’s boundless creativity gives our company its saucy personality. Watch for Bill’s take on cooking and preparing seafood and other dishes on this blog, and don’t forget to watch his YouTube videos that really show how it’s done. Wild Bill is the corporate executive chef, but everyone calls him “The Food Dude.”


Duke Moscrip

is the founder and chief innovator of Duke’s Seafood. He is passionate about sustainably sourced food and searches the country for the best of the best for the restaurant. Duke is known for his outrageous “Capers,” wild ideas that never fail to shake things up. Look for Duke when you visit—he’s almost always hungry!


Amy (Moscrip) Waeschle

is a writer and the author of Going Over the Falls and Chasing Waves, A Surfer’s Tale of Obsessive Wandering. Her passions start with surfing. Never slowing down, Amy also runs mountain trails, hikes, and seems to have a knack for finding hidden foodie gems when she travels. She lives in Poulsbo, Washington with her family. Amy is an expert regarding all things gluten-free and was the inspiration behind many of Duke’s Seafood gluten-free recipes. For the blog, she shares her insights into “growing up with Duke” and tells stories of her food and drink discoveries around the