Best Outdoor Seating in the Northwest

Outdoor deck seating at Duke's Seafood Ruston Way overlooking Puget Sound

At Duke’s Seafood, we have a lot of great things going for us: tasty food, our easy vibe, friendly team members, and much more. But when summer arrives in the Puget Sound region, one of the best things about Duke’s is our patios and decks! Nothing says summertime like sipping a cold beverage on a…

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Duke’s Chowders Available Now Across the Puget Sound

Chowders from Duke's Seafood

For years now, guests have been asking me to sell our award-winning chowders outside of the restaurants. While you could always order a bowl to go, or try making it yourself, neither of these really lives up to the taste of the chowder coming straight from our kitchen to your table. And that was always…

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A Match Made in (grass-fed) Heaven

Cows in pasture at the Royal Ranch in Columbia Basin, Washington

A beef disaster becomes a delicious quest Here at Duke’s Seafood, you know we only serve the best: from our sustainable seafood, to blending our own spices, to buying local and organic produce whenever possible. Due to changes in our supply chain, our imported grass-fed beef was becoming harder and harder to get into our…

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Brand-new pathogen-filtering systems installed in all 7 Duke’s locations

Interior dining area at Bellevue Duke's Seafood Restaurant

Pardon us while we geek out… Over the past several weeks, we’ve installed additional air filtering systems in all 7 of our restaurants. These systems effectively kill airborne coronavirus particles. The process uses needlepoint bipolar ionization, or NPBI™, and is the same system installed in the White House, Google, Amelia Arena, the Phoenix airport, the Mayo Clinic,…

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Alki Reopens

Duke Moscrip

I want to speak directly to you, my valued guest. During my nearly half a century in the restaurant business in the Seattle/Tacoma area, I have never faced anything as challenging as COVID-19. It has transformed the restaurant business nationwide and forced many of our colleagues to close their doors forever. Closer to our hearts,…

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Sound Bites for Home Delivery

Duke's Seafood Delivery Package

Our most popular items now delivered to your doorstep! available for home delivery from locally-owned Sound Sustainable Farms! Introducing Sound Bites, an exciting new partnership to deliver Duke’s ready-to-cook frozen food to your door from our friends at Sound Sustainable Farms. This is not pre-cooked food that you’d have to drop everything in order to…

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Duke’s Sustainable Solutions Foundation Announced

Joins Giving Tuesday with Industry Partners Support SEATTLE, Wash (Dec. 2, 2019) – Duke Moscrip, founder of the Pacific Northwest-based Duke’s Seafood, announces today the launch of the Moscrip family’s first foundation, The Duke’s Sustainable Solutions Foundation (DSSF).  With wild salmon in Puget Sound nearly depleted and fish runs at 90% of historic levels, the…

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Is Organic Chicken Really Worth It?

Free-Range Hens

By Duke Moscrip Organic, free range and cage-free are terms tossed around wildly in the chicken world. We know that chickens need more than just food and water to be healthy and, today more than ever, consumers care about the way their food is grown. Organic chicken is hard to come by, but when you…

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Stop Serving Kids Lousy Food; Your Kids Demand Healthy Meals

Kids Meal Organic Chicken Strips

Why do we parents seek out sustainable and organic food at home, then take our children to fast food restaurants where sourcing is, well, questionable at best? Who knows what’s really in nuggets and pressed fish sandwiches anyway? That’s why I did yet one more thing to make the kid’s meals he serves even better;…

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First Event Venue Opens Dockside

Dockside at Dukes Logo

Dockside at Duke’s opens, the company’s first event venue. Dockside takes up the entire main floor of the new Duke’s Seafood location on South Lake Union. “People want to celebrate at Duke’s Seafood all the time,” says Duke. “We can take groups at most of our locations, but Dockside takes this to a whole new…

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