What Almost Beating Tiger Woods Taught Me About Life

People are always so amazed when I tell them that I once played in a tournament with Tiger Woods. At the time, we were both teenagers, and though Tiger was rising steadily through the ranks, he wasn’t the legend he is now. He was still the person to beat, though. And I got really close. In fact, on the last hole of the tournament, I came within a 2-foot putt of doing just that. We tied that day, and man, was that humbling.

As a teenager, golf was an important part of my life. It taught me sportsmanship, dedication, and the importance of setting goals and making sacrifices. These experiences—the wins, losses, time management, respect for rules, creativity—later helped hone my skills as a businessman and community member.

In 2016, my dad, Duke Moscrip, and I, who co-own Duke’s Seafood together (he’s an avid golfer too), decided to help support the next generation of golfers with a quarterly scholarship. Since then, we’ve donated over $20,000 to junior golfers. Sometimes we select a beginner, sometimes a graduating senior, and occasionally, we offer the award to an entire team.

To be eligible, a golfer must be 18 or younger (or still in high school at the time of nomination), reside in Washington State, have good grades, and be enthusiastic about golf. Applicants don’t need to have won tournaments or even be experienced. Do you know a young golfer who could use a boost? Please send applications to cascadegolfer@varsitycommunications.com and put “Duke’s Junior Golfer Scholarship” in the headline.

July 21, 2022
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