How to Make Duke’s Seafood Hi-Ho-Cherry-O Summer Cocktail

Learn the art of the perfect muddle and other secrets from our very own Rachel Dejneka from Green Lake Duke’s Seafood! Hosted by Fox 13’s Seattle Sips Carly Henderson and Mireya Garcia, Rachel leads you step-by-step to create our popular Hi-Ho-Cherry-O summer cherry cocktail. Watch the video from Fox13 Seattle!

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How a Rockstar, Restaurant and Wine Are Helping Save Salmon

Seattle’s own Duke’s Seafood, Damsel Cellars in Woodinville, and Pat Monahan, the lead singer of the multi-GRAMMY and Billboard Award-winning band Train, have joined forces to create a new wine called Up River Red, with a portion of proceeds from the wine sales going to the ongoing salmon crisis. Read the full article from Seattle Refined.

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Cl’amour at First Bite

Duke's Seafood Bowl of Steamed Clams

“Most people have no idea we source our clams this way,” says Duke Moscrip, founder and co-owner of Duke’s Seafood. Here at Duke’s Seafood, we love our clam chowder, and if the 360,000 servings we dished up in 2022* are any indication, you love it too! It’s a recipe with a long and wonderful history—one…

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Forgive Us While We Get Passionate

Blue North Fishing Boat

You probably already know that here at Duke’s Seafood, we can get a little bit crazy when we talk about our sourcing. Like how we only serve 100% wild salmon from Alaska, buy only organic chicken from farmers we trust, and never add ingredients we don’t trust.  Did you know that our cod (featured here…

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Farmed Prawns at Duke’s Seafood?

Duke's Prawns Appetizer

If you’ve spent any time at Duke’s Seafood, you know that we care about quality, taste, and supporting sustainable farms and fisheries. Would you be surprised to learn that Duke’s Seafood used to serve farmed prawns? We know, we know, terrible, right? (cue angry mob) But here’s the thing. We didn’t understand what we do…

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Talking Turkey with Executive Chef “Wild” Bill Ranniger

Wild Bill and Duke Preparing Plate

Forget fancy, let go of perfect for the holidays. Our executive chef “Wild” Bill has the best advice. Take it away, Bill! By Bill Ranniger First things first: my advice to having a great holiday turkey dinner is to go to Duke’s for several days before Thanksgiving or Christmas, eat good food and mentally prepare…

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Duke's Supports Local Junior Golfers with $1,000 Scholarship

Putting On Golf Green

Inspired by his own experiences as a young professional golfer, Duke’s co-owner John Moscrip started a scholarship program for local youth in 2015. “I am honored to support young men and women golfers who have both an enthusiasm and excitement for the sport as well as a passion and sincere desire to succeed,” says Moscrip.…

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How To Get $20 Off Every Visit to Duke's

Dollar Bills

I had a conversation with a guest at our Bellevue restaurant the other day that shocked me. He didn’t know about our frequent diner program! This got me thinking that maybe other customers aren’t aware that every time they come in to Duke’s, a frequent diner offer good for up to $20 off their next…

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"Elevated" Road Food

Amy Moscrip With Family on Road Trip

The day after my kids finished their school year in June, my family hit the road for a multi-week, multi-sport road trip through the West. Because my family is gluten-free and some of us are also dairy-free, food prep poses an extra challenge when traveling. I am a meticulous planner, so always make at least…

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In Love With Amor Tropical

Amy Waeschle surfing a right-breaking wave near Troncones, Mexico.

By Amy Waeschle Welcome to Paradise After a hard day of surfing, nothing beats a comfy chair with an ocean view and a refreshing, handcrafted beverage. The first time I visited Amor Tropical, a little expat haven on Mexico’s Pacific coast, I almost missed it. But the telltale baa-ing of a baby goat told me…

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